About V


IDENTITIESDesigner • DJ • Event Producer
BASEBerlin • NYC
#1 BUCKET LISTSee Northern Lights in real life!

Designer by day, V is skilled in both interactive media design & branding/promotional communications. Her work experiences with varied teams of professionals illustrates her ability to quickly adapt to new situations & meld her own brand of creativity to any undertaking.

DJ by night, V is one of the resident DJ/Artists from the beloved ebb + flow crew in New York City. V has played at Plötzlich am Meer Festival 2016 & 2017 (Poland), UNA Festival (Switzerland), Moxxom and Petrolettes Festivals (Germany) and various gigs across Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Mexico and El Salvador and all over New York City. Most recently, V has made her Asia debut in Tokyo – she played at Oath Aoyama (Shibuya) and Gatosano (Harajuku) in October 2017.

Event Producer in between — V is one of the three co-founders at The Kollectiv: A productive community for all creative types. A platform for collaborative actions, a network and a support system. The three of them turned the idea to reality since January 2017.