The Kollectiv

It started as an idea that came up in conversations over the kitchen table somewhere in Friedrichshain — shortly after my Berlin move.

In less than two months, we (me + Anke + Seb — we’ve known each other for several years) kicked off the first Kollectiv event at Holzmarkt/Eckwerk arc. We started holding monthly events with various topics such as brainstorming sessions (aka Kollectiv Force), panel discussion, and creative lectures for the Berlin community.

After the first Kollectiv Force session in March, one of the project owners invited The Kollectiv to lead the project forward. It’s called Project Frau — An educational arts & design program for young refugee women in Berlin. It’s a funded project from FrauenID – initiated by GlobalEyes (NGO) & officially led by The Kollectiv.

Fast-forward: In June of 2017, we’ve been successfully transformed into an association. It’s the begging of a very exciting new chapter for The Kollectiv. Here is our brand new bio:

KOLLECTIV e.V is an association for the promotion of science, research and education with a focus on the development of a continuous, cross-cultural, cross-topic and generational transfer of knowledge.

Since January 2017, the association has been organizing monthly events in various formats to transfer knowledge at HOLZMARKT/ECKWERK, in order to network, strengthen and advise existing creative companies and start-ups with other municipal, national and international players. The other tasks are the initiation and monitoring of creative and open innovation processes, the implementation and documentation of their own educational and research activities, as well as the maintenance of contacts between art and culture circles, education and research partners and the economy.

The next Kollectiv event is happening on October 11th, 2017. Looking forward!!

BASEBerlin, Germany